Sunday, July 4, 2010

Snappies Versus Photographs

Hello! I'm Allison, and this is the blog I will be keeping as part of my coursework for the USM British Studies Program.

As you might have inferred, I am very pleased to be here, and over the years watching British TV programs, reading British books, watching British movies and listening to British bands, I have amassed a small arsenal of British English words with which to express this and many other things besides.

I have maintained another blog, Shop on the High Street, for a few years now, but I chose to add this blog to divide the two different types of blogging I hope to do while in London. Photography is another one of my hobbies, and similarly, I take two types of photography I engage in. On one hand there are the snappies, quick photographs snagged on the street in just a little time and often with little care. On the other are the photographs, images that I carefully compose in my mind's eye to bring together the lines, colors, and shadows so they capture for the next viewer what caught my eye.

In the same way, Shop on the High Street will be where I chronicle little snappies of my month, quick and unstudied impressions. Here, on Chuffed!, is where I will take the time to focus my mental images in an attempt to capture what I see so I can better its beauty or significance for others.

To ground these experiences in the context of their place, I have included a map of several of the places I will visit in class and in the course of my own exploration, and a BBC weather widget for London. Living in a consistently hot, dry, place, I know I was surprised at how often London weather changes!

Thank you for reading--I hope you are just as chuffed to see London as I am!

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